2010 Foals

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Pepto Meradan foals for 2010.

2010 Chestnut Roan filly out of Pure Moxie. SOLD

2010 sorrel filly out of High Okie Cutie. SOLD

2010 Bay Roan colt out of Taris Snackbox. SOLD

2010 Chestnut colt out of Ima Little Rushed. SOLD

2010 Red Roan colt out of Lenas Red Ruby. SOLD

2010 Dunalino Roan colt out of Hollywooddun Starlet.

2010 Rabicano Sorrel filly out of Hickory Little Miss. SOLD

2010 Red Roan colt out of Smokeys Zoe Too. SOLD

2010 Sorrel filly out of Haidas Her Choice. SOLD

2010 sorrel colt out of Peppy Playin Fancy. SOLD